How is Easter celebrated in Italy and around the world?

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By Prezzo Team, 15 Mar 2024

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Easter Around the World 

As we gear up for a long Easter weekend, we look at the many diverse celebrations from around the world. From the good old hot cross bun in the UK, to France's gâteau de Pâques, we’ll delve into Easter traditions and captivating customs. 



The joy of Italy is no more prevalent than at Easter, with Easter Sunday synonymous with feasting, as families gather to indulge in a sumptuous spread. Traditional dishes such as roasted lamb, savoury pies, and Easter Colomba cake adorn the tables, accompanied by regional specialties and fine wines. 

Easter eggs hold symbolic significance in Italian culture, with various customs associated with their decoration and consumption. While chocolate eggs are popular, particularly among children, the tradition of dyeing eggs red in Abruzzo is particularly symbolic. 

If you ever find yourself in Florence at Easter, Scoppio del Carro or Explosion of the Cart as it translates, will captivate you. A cart laden with fireworks is paraded through the streets before being ignited in the Piazza del Duomo, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness. 

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United Kingdom

Easter traditions are extensive in the UK. One beloved tradition that delights children and adults alike is the Easter egg hunt. Egg hunts typically involve hiding decorated eggs, chocolate treats, or small gifts ready for children to find them, with a traditional Easter basket in hand.  

A whimsical figure associated with Easter in the UK is the Easter Bunny, a mythical creature who is said to deliver Easter eggs and treats to children around the world. The origins of the Easter Bunny can be traced back to German folklore, where it was believed to bring eggs and other gifts to well-behaved children on Easter Sunday.  

Aside from lots of chocolate, the UK treat Easter as an opportunity to eat, drink and be merry with family and friends alike, as the cold Winter days become a distant memory.  



Spain's Semana Santa is renowned for its ferias, or fairs. With elaborate processions and plenty of food stalls, crowds line the streets. Food is of course a vital part of Easter festivities with perhaps Spain’s most famous Easter dish taking centre stage, the ‘Mona de Pascua’, a doughnut-shaped cake adorned with decorations.  



In France, Easter, or Pâques as it is known, is a time of culinary indulgence and family gatherings. Traditional dishes such as roast lamb and the delicious Easter sponge cake, ‘gâteau de Pâques,’ are enjoyed alongside festive activities and egg hunts. 



Germany's Osterbrunnen tradition involves decorating public fountains with elaborate arrangements of painted eggs and fresh flowers. These stunning displays, which symbolise fertility and abundance, attract visitors from far and wide during the Easter season. 

Osterbrot, translated as Easter bread, is a traditional Easter dish of sweet, spiced bread baked with raisins and almonds. Some versions have marzipan layered throughout, and it’s usually enjoyed with butter for breakfast or teatime. 



In Ukraine, the art of pysanky (decorated Easter eggs) holds deep cultural significance. Intricately designed eggs, featuring elaborate motifs and vibrant colours, are crafted using a wax-resist method passed down through generations. These eggs are then added to an Easter basket along with paska bread, sausage, cheese, ham, and lit candles.  



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