Road trip: Milan

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By Prezzo Team, 12 Jul 2023

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Road trip: Milan

Inspiration in the north of Italy

Milan is the Italian capital of fashion and design but also houses some amazing restaurants and opportunities to experience the food & drink of northern Italy. Our crack team of chefs, drinks experts and marketeers set off, eager to immerse themselves and find great flavours to bring back to Prezzo for our customers to try.

The team started in Milan's vibrant food markets. Here, they found stalls brimming with fresh produce, fragrant herbs, and tantalizing cheeses like parmesan. Conversations with local producers and vendors highlighted the importance of seasonal ingredients and quality in Italian cooking, reinforcing the team's commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients for our guests. The trip inspired us to bring freshly grated parmesan DOP into our restaurants this summer for all of our guests to enjoy.

After this they boarded the orange tram (whilst sampling cicchetti from the local bakery!) and visited the Peck deli which was packed with delicious ingredients like freshly made pasta and saffron in risotto. This inspired our summer pea, prawn and saffron dish.

Next stop was a visit to La Cucina Italiana cookery school for a pasta workshop. Guided by a skilled pasta maestro, the team rolled up their sleeves and started creating, turning humble flour and eggs into delicate fresh filled pasta. They also learned about the importance of pasta texture and how this helps it to hold the sauce and that for filled pasta, we should stir the sauce and pasta together (unlike our spaghetti or rigatoni where we toss the two for a better result). We bring all of these top tips from the trips we go on back into our kitchens and make sure our chefs are fully trained with the right skills to produce the tastiest dishes.

That evening, the team ventured out to try one of the amazing restaurants in Milan. There they sampled a number of different dishes and drinks, some of which gave them inspiration, not only from the tastes of the food and drink but also for the stylish way it was all presented. The meal was delicious, but it was also a feast for the eyes. The chefs took real care and pride in their presentation, something which we believe in at Prezzo too.

The journey through Milan wouldn't have been complete without exploring the city's rich brewing heritage. A visit to the historic Poretti beer brewery revealed the meticulous craftsmanship behind the creation of this beloved Italian lager. The team followed the brewing process, from selecting the finest grains to the art of fermentation. They also talked to the experts there about which dishes would work best with Poretti, so we can make the right recommendations for our customers. Our marketing team took some great footage of this trip. You can see some of the videos here and experience a little of the passion the brewers shared.

To finish the trip, the team journeyed out of the city to the beautiful Lake Como to enjoy a meal as the Italians do, with plenty of good conversation. Hosting is not just a skill but a way of life in Italy and it’s something we try to bring back so that all of our guests feel that warm welcome.

Not only is Milan a beautiful city with amazing architecture (the Duomo di Milano is quite a sight!), it’s also a great place to feel truly inspired by the delicious Northern Italian food & drink, the beautiful presentation driven by a real pride in what they do and the warm hosts who made everyone feel truly welcome and relaxed. It inspired us and we hope will inspire you too.